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Investment is the huge pool in today’s world and everyone want to swim and earn money from that pool. Investment can be done by using techniques, methods and ways. It’s critical to determine the best investment plan to earn huge profits.

However, binary plan can serve as the best investment plan if it is used smartly. This plan is not just game of luck it requires real time hassle and dedicated time frame to learn the strategy to ace the plan.

In order to earn money, planning and strategizing the right technique is always important for the person who is investing. Having the money but not knowing how to use it can lead to more loss of the money.

Achieve Higher Engagement


To Lead the Higher Returns With Chhvio it’s always important to have the right strategy ready in the hand. Binary trading is embodied with various trading strategies-

The best way to trade can be the practice of investing in the trends, there is nothing bad to play safe but it’s smarter to do that way. Always keep an eye on the asset prices as it always keep moving with the trends. It can rise or fall as per the trends prevailing in the market.

Another critical option to keep in mind while trading in the binary options is to always have a close look on the New Events. It can serve the investors best source of first-hand information and can help them to make vital decision while investing.

There is no one best strategy for trading but there is always the scope of best practice in trading, more the practice better the scope of earning good profit in future.

    Our Vission
  • Chhvio has this vision to construct a global market chain for its users by providing them the most secured and trustable platform. It has built its foundation with the sole motive of providing ultimate results to the users and helps them earn 300 times of their income.
  • Our Mission

    Chhvio envisions enabling the financial services in the market by providing simple and unique techniques to users. It focuses on building the global chain by using the binary investment plan. It also derives its concern on making it a user centric platform and helping the users to earn multiple benefits, rewards, income from the platform.

Why Trade with Chhvio?

    Chhvio is one of the leading trading applications which comes with multiple benefits for its user-
    • Global

      Chhvio build the global network and help the users to reach new market instantly.

    • Eliminate Fraud

      Chhvio is trustworthy and a safe platform to trade, there is no risk of frauds or ID thefts.

    • Enjoy Multy type of income

      Once you will activate your ID for the trading, you will be allowed to pursue multi type of income in Chhvio Plan.


Implementation Sheet

Due to constant requests from our investors to expand and reach out to their family and friends in other regions of the globe, the company finally decided to innovate upon an online investment module, where crypto-enthusiasts from around the world could invest their assests in the company to earn stable and long-term returns on their portfolio.

November 2017
January 2019
Company Ventured into
Investment mining
May 2020
The company explored it's Potential in ForEx trading
August 2021
Company Ventured into
Investment mining
January 2022
The company explored it's Potential in ForEx trading
July 2022
Company Ventured into
Investment mining
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Chhvio is one of the fast growing global chain network with some incredible stats and results. It has never failed to boost the invested income of the users. It has more than 110 supported customers, with successful 30 faster speed transactions and enabling 300 token holders in one platform.


Advisors in the platform

Trading requires up to date knowledge of the markets, keeping up with the trends and also it needs some hand holding to hit the bull’s eye. It’s always better to take an advice of an expert to the ace the game of trading and bear less loss.

Nadia Sidko
Blockchain Entrepreneur
Team User
Pavel Volek
Entrepreneur and Investor
Team User
Alyona Blakytna
Fin-Tech Entrepreneur
Team User
Martin Solarik
Fin-Tech Investor
Team User
Kate Fisenko
Fin-Tech Investor
Team User
Michal Krajnansky
Blockchain Entrepreneur
Team User
How to use Chhvio?
Frequently Questions

-There is always an ideal way to pick the best coin that is to pick the coin which comes with the most stable exchange rate. Bitcoin and Litecoin are the largest and most suitable coins in the market. These coins are highly recommended and can be treated as the most trustable coin.

-Transactions will be in your account for atleast 3 years, only the transactions which has been cancelled and timed out will be there in the account for the minimum time period of 30 days

-Company offers you the 300% return on your on amount invested as soon as you start earning it. Company promise you to give 300% on all of your incomes –

  • •ROI
  • •Binary Matching
  • •Direct Referral
  • •Leadership Income Reward

-Once you earn 3 times of your investment on your total income, your account will be deactivated and you can start it again by re investing and can again 3 times of your investment. Start investing and multiply your income now!

-Company offers many rewards on your investments-

  • •ROI- you will get 3% daily until the total income becomes 3 times of your invested amount.
  • •Direct Referral Income- you will get 10% of your referral’s investment from the company.
  • •Binary Matching Income- You will get 10% of your matching business from both the legs.
  • •Leadership Income reward- You will get 25% from the total income earned by your Downline and 25% of your total income earned will go to tour upline.Hence, the total income will include all the income that will be credited in your account.

-You can easily find many exchanges which will help you to trade or convert your coins to other coins and currencies. As the coin economy is at its peak and it grows everyday so you can also try your luck in buying gifts, cards or can merchandise it with coins.

-Since, it’s your discretion to select the way to convert your coins but it is advisable to set up a trade bots to automatically convert the less popular coins to more popular ones in order to maintain balances.

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